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FREE Wi-Fi extender?

Bet you weren’t expecting that. Big-brand Wi-Fi extenders typically come in at hundreds of pounds or dollars, but for free? In this tutorial I am going to show you how to turn an old Windows 10 device into a Wi-Fi extender. There are two major downsides: you can only connect eight devices (you can disconnect devices to make room for new ones) and the fact that in order to get good speeds, you need to place it in a half-way zone: where the internet is about half way through the ‘bars’, or else you will notice that the speeds will be horrific on the new network. A side note: the device that you are using has to be running Windows 10 version 1703 or above to work. Another blog post is linked here to show you how to check your Windows 10 version.

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What I think about Windows 10

Well, there have been a lot of bad reviews of Windows 10, and I was just thinking that it wasn’t fair. Microsoft are giving away an entire operating system for free, and people just judge them. So, here’s my honest review.
First off, it looks great. The desktop start menu has returned, but not like Windows 7. I sort of prefer because it adds more functionality to the menu with live tiles and it looks very modern and up-to-date. You can basically customise everything in the UI, and another great thing is that compared to 8.1, it takes up a lot less hard drive/SSD space, and uses a lot less RAM.

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