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Ad-blocking – a vicious cycle

Ads. The word probably draws your mind towards ‘Hot singles in your area’ or ‘Free movies – no viruses’, but for me, it’s a reminder of how great the internet is. With all its faults aside, the internet is all too often unappreciated these days – the wealth of information available anytime, anywhere (provided you have internet access) for free, with a few hidden costs. Chiefly, online advertisements. They come in many forms: from little boxes in the sidebar of a page to obnoxious full-screen pop-ups and yet, they’re still almost universally hated.

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Is ad blocking ethical?

I’ve been using an ad blocker for a few years now, and it hasn’t really crossed my mind whether it was ethical or not- until now. Of course, I have seen all of the popups asking me to disable my ad blocker, but I have simply just disabled it without a second thought, but now that I think about it, ad blockers should only be used to block malicious or intrusive ads that are trying to harm your computer or just jump out at you, blasting audio when you forgot to mute your computer. It’s not right to deprive the website you are using’s revenue, after all, they have to pay for hosting, the domain and other things. Even with large corporations like YouTube, they rely on advertisements to pay the creators of the videos, so: do the content creators a favour and disable it for them so they can keep making the content you love.
As for the intrusive ads, you can block them by using Adblock Plus. Simply right-click on the bad ad you want to block and click on ‘Block element.’ If this doesn’t appear, try highlighting the object first.

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