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Logitech G613 Review

In recent times I have had the opportunity to try a mechanical style of keyboard. Each time I tried a mechanical keyboard I would do a typing test. I found that I could type quicker on these keyboards than the laptop keyboard of my Dell XPS 13; this laptop keyboard is one of the best keyboards on a laptop but because of space it is still not as good as a mechanical keyboard. Therefore, I decided I needed a mechanical keyboard. This was also because I had been building a desktop setup around my laptop.

When I started looking for mechanical keyboards, I realized there were a lot of options. Most of them have a very ‘gamer look’ and I’m not the biggest gamer so this meant I could eliminate a lot of keyboards from all brands. I also don’t like the look of wires, so it was time to find the keyboard for me. After these major criteria it meant there were only a few keyboards to choose from. So, I decided on the Logitech G613.

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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Review

I’ve never owned a mechanical keyboard before. The closest I’ve come to one is the Logitech G213 Prodigy fake-mechanical keyboard because I was fooled into thinking that it was one. Well, after about two years of suffering, I decided to bite the bullet and switch to a true mechanical keyboard.

OK, so I started the search. Initially, I looked into a Razer keyboard, but I was frustrated. Many were saying that the switches – even the yellow “silent” ones – were far too loud. This immediately repelled my interest, and- combined with the extortionate prices, I looked elsewhere.

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