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The Apple M1 Chip – The End of Intel?

After the AMD launch earlier in October, we thought things couldn’t get worse for Intel, however it looks like after Apple dumped them earlier this year to create their own processors – it looks like things have in fact gotten worse.

On November 10 Apple announced their new M1 chip on a live stream in front of around 200,000 people, and the YouTube keynote has been watched around 9.2 million times since. The M1 chip introduced a new stage in Apple’s development as it is produced on Apple silicon – ditching Intel in the process.

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Everything Released at Samsung Unpacked 2020

February 11th marked Samsung’s annual Unpacked event where they announce new products.

This year was very exciting. Lots of new products were released, including the S20 line and even a new foldable phone.

But what else did they release? Check out the headings below where I’ll go into a bit more detail about what’s been released this year. There’s quite a lot here, so get ready!

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2012 Instagram hoax TRICKS celebrities

Another day, another hoax. A few days ago, many Instagram celebrities, politicians and regular users fell for an Instagram privacy hoax from 2012.

The hoax, sporting a light blue background, low quality, clearly replaced text and poor English, describes how a new Instagram privacy policy change allows Instagram to “use your photos,” and that “everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from today.”

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The copyright symbol

YouTube FIXES Copyright System

On August 15th, @TeamYouTube on Twitter announced that they were making some hotly-anticipated changes to the copyright system. The tweet describes the new policy that will prevent copyright owners, such as much-hated UMG, from making money on manual claims on unreasonable grounds, including short song clips and unintentional audio.

Many YouTubers have been speaking out about the broken copyright system on YouTube for years now, as large media corporations have been taking advantage of this broken system by using manual claim farms, basically where people are paid to watch big YouTuber’s videos and listen for any remotely claimable content, and then manually claim all of the video’s ad revenue.

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