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New Posts Incoming!

Sorry for the lack of posts for- what is it now- 1 year? I’ll try and post more consistently now on latest topics, so if you want to stay up to date make sure to follow the blog or add it to your bookmarks (Ctrl+D on PC). A new video will be coming soon, along with a post, both regarding why I think Samsung is better than Apple.┬áSee you later!

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The BRAND NEW rebrand!

As you may have noticed, the name, web address and logo of the blog have all changed!
The name is now ‘TechLife Blog’, the web address www.techlifeyoutube.wordpress.com and the logo is the same design however with the text ‘TechLife Blog’. This is due to the name of my YouTube channel and the name of the blog being different, so I decided to make this change!

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