How to check your Windows 10 version

Do you need to check your Windows 10 version? Here’s the easiest way- it only takes about 10 seconds!

Using the Windows icon
Using the gear icon in the Start menu

First, go to Settings by either right clicking on the Windows icon and then clicking on ‘Settings’ or by clicking on the gear icon (labelled Settings) in the Start menu.

Once you’re in the Settings application, click on ‘System’.

The ‘System’ screen should come up. In the sidebar, you should see the ‘About’ tab.

The ‘About’ tab

And there! All your computer’s information should come up. Look for ‘Version’ under the Windows specifications heading and next to that should be your Windows 10 version number. I know this is an easy and very quick tutorial, but it’s there for anyone who may need it!

Windows 10 version under ‘Windows specifications’

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