Xbox One Media Remote Review

The Xbox One is famous for being excellent for media consumption – from the Blu-Ray player to the wide array of apps available in the Microsoft Store, I wanted to be able to use apps and control media without using the Xbox One remote. I searched for a solution and found it – the Xbox One Media Remote.


The remote itself is quite thick, and it has a rubbery finish feels nice in the hand and it is not slippery. All of the keys are backlit with a dim white light, which light up when you pick the remote up or press one of the buttons.

The buttons themselves have a nice, tactile feel to them and the remote is very responsive. Delivery was quick and the packaging is very premium. Battery life is also great, which is impressive considering the keys are backlit.


You do need a Kinect sensor for the remote to work – the Xbox One does not have an IR blaster – but as I already had a Kinect it wasn’t an issue for me and you can pick one up for yourself relatively cheap second-hand.

Although the remote lasts for a pretty impressive time, it’s a bit annoying that it’s not rechargeable, just like all of the other Xbox remotes.

Overall Thoughts

I would definitely recommend it if you regularly consume media on the Xbox. Unlike the traditional Xbox controller that turns off after a short while, it stays on during long playback periods, ready for when you need to pick it up and use it to stop Netflix from auto-playing that next episode!

If you would like to pick up one of these for yourself, then I would be very grateful if you could do so using my affiliate link below. Thank you!

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