Hideout.co: YouTube 2.0?

Many creators are fed up of YouTube due to the growing amount of issues: large media companies abusing the broken copyright system, widespread and unjustified demonetisation among other things, however there seems to be a lack of choice for alternatives.

Recently released Hideout.co may be a solution. Not only rewarding creators for uploading their videos, with comparatively low monetisation requirements (100,000 views), it also rewards viewers for watching videos by giving out Hideout.co points, which you can redeem on reward sites for gift cards, PayPal credit and other things.

They do daily promo codes, which you can redeem for points, so I would recommend enabling notifications so you don’t miss out on them.

It’s easy to get started, just click here (affiliate link) to create a viewer account, and if you want to you can then apply for a creator account.

Once you have been accepted for a creator account you can upload videos, just like on YouTube, but make sure they stick to the rules or you could be banned. Then, your video will be manually reviewed and then accepted or rejected.

On the viewer’s side, you can subscribe to channels made by users and categories made by the Hideout.co staff, you can add videos to your ‘Watch Later’ list, you can ‘Like’ and ‘React’ to videos (like with Facebook), but you can’t comment on posts. Furthermore, and this might be a deal breaker for many, there isn’t a mobile app yet, although they have one coming. There’s an app for the Fire TV, but for now, we’ll have to use the web version on mobile.

You actually do get paid. So far, I have earned around $60 just from uploading my YouTube videos. Pretty cool, huh?

I would recommend it if you’re looking to make money from your videos, or just want to try a new media consumption site.

See you there! Check out my channel on Hideout here.