What I think about Windows 10

Well, there have been a lot of bad reviews of Windows 10, and I was just thinking that it wasn’t fair. Microsoft are giving away an entire operating system for free, and people just judge them. So, here’s my honest review.
First off, it looks great. The desktop start menu has returned, but not like Windows 7. I sort of prefer because it adds more functionality to the menu with live tiles and it looks very modern and up-to-date. You can basically customise everything in the UI, and another great thing is that compared to 8.1, it takes up a lot less hard drive/SSD space, and uses a lot less RAM.

Sure, all of this comes with a disadvantage. Blue screens. I’ve probably experienced more than I should have than in two people’s lives put together. Then again, this still is the early days of 10 and I have to admit, I am using a very low-end laptop, so I shouldn’t expect much. I love Microsoft’s built-in tools such as Mail and Calendar, Calculator, People, Messaging and the Store app. The designs are great, and the only thing I removed is ‘Get Office’- their shot at trying to get people to buy Office 365 and 2016.

The Edge browser is excellent, with seven addons available (if you’re a Windows Insider) with more coming on the way, looks modern and fresh, is speedy, handles everything I can throw at it and also has a new feature called ‘Web Draw’ where you can highlight and draw on websites and save it as a picture- but you can still use good old Internet Explorer if you like.

Cortana doesn’t work for me- apparently because ‘Minors aren’t allowed to use their accounts here’, so I can’t review that.

Software wise, I’ve had no problems, as I upgraded straight when I got my laptop, and about 99% of the software that I have installed afterwards has worked perfectly.

Overall, I give Windows 10 a 4 and a half out of 5 because it is amazing, packed with new features and innovations, and it just missed the 5 stars because Cortana doesn’t work for me and the blue screens- all of which I cannot complain at because Windows 10 is the early days, and according to Microsoft, users under the age of 13 cannot use Cortana because of US Data Protection laws.