Author: Felix Yates

I am a passionate user and lover of technology and run a small YouTube channel based around it. Admin and author for TechLife and the WYCCA.

New Posts Incoming!

Sorry for the lack of posts for- what is it now- 1 year? I’ll try and post more consistently now on latest topics, so if you want to stay up to date make sure to follow the blog or add it to your bookmarks (Ctrl+D on PC). A new video will be coming soon, along with a post, both regarding why I think Samsung is better than Apple. See you later!

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The BRAND NEW rebrand!

As you may have noticed, the name, web address and logo of the blog have all changed!
The name is now ‘TechLife Blog’, the web address and the logo is the same design however with the text ‘TechLife Blog’. This is due to the name of my YouTube channel and the name of the blog being different, so I decided to make this change!

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Get photo prints for free?

Hey guys. If you didn’t know already, I have a new YouTube channel. I found the old channel name really bad and my fanbase wasn’t active. So I decided to create a new one named TechLife. If you are interested in checking it out, click this link and please subscribe. It would help me out a lot. Anyway, here’s the blog post.
I found that going down to the shop and paying the expensive fee of printing photos was just too much for me, and I started searching for an alternative. The best one that I could find was an app which was called ‘FreePrints’. FreePrints is basically an app where you get 45 free photo prints a month. All you have to pay for is delivery. As you buy more and more prints, the ,ore rewards you get, such as larger free prints, faster delivery and other additional things. All you have to do to get your free prints is go to their website or download their app (it’s available on both Android and iOS, so don’t worry about if they care). Then you sign in or sign up. After you have signed up (or logged in) you can tap ‘Start New Order’. You can choose photos from many sources, such as Google Photos, Gallery, Photos, Dropbox and other file-sharing or photo-storage options.

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App compatibility shows which developers care

Hey guys, today I am a bit annoyed. My friends are all talking about new features on apps, but when I hopelessly return to my device to discover that the feature is only available on IOS, it makes me want to throw my device across the room.
Like at the moment on, you can’t get the Snapchat-inspired face filters on Android, but you can on IOS. That is less frustrating than there not being an app at all for your operating system while there is for something else, such as there being no official YouTube or Instagram app on Windows Phone.

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The Best Way To Screen Record Any Android Device

Hey guys- sorry I haven’t been posting recently. I have been really busy settling into my new school, doing homework and after-school clubs. Anyway, recently I have been wanting to record videos on my phone so that I can make tutorials and reviews of apps. I found this great tool. Today, I’ll show you how to get it. No root is required, and the app comes directly from the Google Play store.
Step 1.

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